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Married or not married, this article is for you.
If you are in a serious relationship or thinking of one,  you might want to consider this article.

Choosing an abusive mate is not an accident!

 Being in love is no reason to get married! Being out of love is no reason to get divorced.

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Most people believe that others are responsible for what happens to them.

If someone can make you angry, then that person has the power. And, you get to be the victim!  

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Failing Relationship---Your Fault

If it is your fault, you can fix it.  Have you built your relationship on sinking sand? Relationships fail because you built them on false premises. And, you can change them.

I) False Premise “We are so compatible that we never fight.” “In our family, no one raises their voice in anger.” 

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ANGER For Better or For Worse

There has been much debate over whether the feelings of anger is beneficial or harmful.

Many non-helpful remedies have been offered by those who see anger as destructive. You will often hear statements such as: • Try counting to ten. • Think before you speak. • Nice girls don’t get angry; pretty is as pretty does. • Stay away from people who make you mad. • You don’t hate your sister; you love your sister. • You’re not angry; you’re just upset.

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Guilt, the Destroyer of Lives

Have you ever lost your temper and then felt guilty? Losing your temper is not a problem. It is a symptom of someone or something not living up to your expectations.  Guilt is an option. 

What do you believe about guilt? True or False: "The ability to feel guilt is what keeps people in line. Without guilt, people would do whatever they wanted: rape, pillage, burn, etc.

True or False
: Guilt is a destructive emotion and is not helpful. For example, in the court system, nobody wants the defendant to feel guilty. 

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Your Own and Others Too

Many people find that they are not capable of making peace with anger in any form, whether it is in someone else, or themselves. These people believe that anger is unacceptable in any way that they recognize.

Many people will not accept anger in themselves and, therefore, do not recognize it when they experience anger.

Anger can come in many disguises, such as silence! "What is the matter?" NOTHING! (That did not sound like nothing.)

Anger can also come out as 
Anger is not a problem, it is how you express your anger  that will put you in jail.

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Clear Your Life of Stress and Anxiety

It is not an easy thing to do. You must train yourself to think in certain kinky ways. But, with a little practice, you will be able to create not only stress and anxiety in your life, but you can add to that a feeling of being overwhelmed and depressed.

The famous therapist, Albert Ellis MD, suggests the following ways of thinking as the best ways to create an unhappy life.
Black-White thinking: this is where you put everything in boxes of good or bad, right or ....

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Gestalt Therapy for Nightmares and Repetitive Dreams

 Gestalt Dream Therapy is something that you or any of my Group graduates can do for themselves or in a group

Dreams are something that you create. They are not messages from outer space. You are the author of your dream.

As the author, you created everything and every person in your dream. So, you are everything and every person in your dream. You are you. You are the road. You’re the house. You are the door. You are the monster. You are the gun/knife.

If you have a very scary or repetitive dream, this approach to dream therapy is constructive. After processing one to three dreams, most people say their dreams did not come back to haunt them. In therapy sessions, both individual and group. . .

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Five things you don't know about being a good lover

Most women and men are lousy lovers.  And, they do not know it!    Did sex education that you receive from your parents and school tell you how to have a good sex life?  

What you did not get! 
The vagina is not a sexual organ.  Neither is your mouth, tongue, or hand sexual organs.

Men's and women's sexual organs come in three sizes.  

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PowerPoints Presentations

 I have done hundreds of presentations to schools, churches, and public and private agencies.  You have my permission to use my PowerPoint outlines.

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*** Keys to Success

EMF is the key to understanding how you are designed to work psychologically.

The meanings you put to words, events in your life, your thinking, determine what you feel.

Based on the feelings that you are having, you choose your behaviors. “You do not react to people, events, or words, but to the meanings that you put to them.”

How you react to a bear is determined by what you believe about that bear. Do you see it as a pet or as a wild animal?

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Anger for Good or for Bad

Over the years, anger has gotten a bad rap. Many people see anger as a destructive, malevolent, evil force in our lives.

Anger is not the bad rap that it has gotten a bad rap, in fact, the opposite of love is not hate (which is intense anger). It is indifference, not caring. Have you noticed that you get the angriest most at the people you love the most?

No one has ever gone to jail for being angry. It is how you express your anger that can get you put in jail.  

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Depression, Anger &

Prescriptions for Depression and Anxiety are higher than any other psychiatric medication.

Sigmund Freud looked at depression as a symptom. “Depression is anger turned inward.” From Freud’s time to our present day, anger has been a significant problem.

Anxiety is the difference between here and now and someplace in the future. Anxiety cannot be about the past, nor can it be about the present. 

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Using Psychodrama and Visualization  As Exposure Tools With Adults and Children  

I presented this PowerPoint presentation at a national Anxiety Convention in 2010 in Baltimore, Maryland.

It contained the therapeutic concept and interventions for working with PTSD, anger, and panic disorder.

I used the techniques in my weekly Huge Group Therapy, including the role playing, and psychodrama.

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